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Hi there ..... just put up this little page to share a few pics of my guitar related projects. 

The amp here is a '68 Bassman. I had the bass channel modded to a Marshall sound. Kept the other channel Fender bright. Use an A/B footswitch to switch from one to the other. Made my own cab out of rosewood, wenge, padouk, and a few others.  Eminance Legend GB and V-12 for the speakers.


I just started on this guitar after getting interested from viewing the Project Guitar web site. Many helpful guys there who openly share their knowledge. That's what's cool about the internet, I think. 

I'm using walnut for the front (from a tree I cut down years ago) and koa for the back.  I'll put up more pics as I progress on my photo page. I have one there now which shows the routes and chambers on the back of the walnut.






First Guitar Attempt

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